Saturday, February 22, 2020

Paul Garrett Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Paul Garrett - Essay Example and the economic devastation caused by the world wars set the industrial giants thinking and they felt the necessity to prove to the consumers that their existence is no threat to democracy and the American dreams. â€Å"In 1923, General Motors, although eager to have its employees ‘look upon our organization as a human rather than a corporate institution,’ had to recognize that it is one of the limitations of a large organization that the men charged with guiding its destiny cannot maintain a direct personal contact with all of its employees.†(Marchand, p.8) Industrial magnets began to ponder as to how to rejuvenate the plights of their soulless corporations. The top ones strongly felt that something was lacking somewhere. There was no bridge between the top management and the employees on the one hand and the consumers on the other, and if there was one, it had big gaps and lacked continuity. â€Å"Reports of an apparent dwindling of employee morale, sometimes voiced by corporate leaders themselves, revealed lack of individual vitality within these large-scale operations, an absence of a recognized, animating people.†(Marchand, p.8) â€Å"PAUL GARRETT in 1931 became the first person to direct public relations at General Motors. During his 25 years at GM, he emphasized quality performance, public interest, and honesty as corporate public relations principles. His effectiveness inspired other corporations to establish public relations departments.† (Public†¦.)The process of soul search in the organizations began. Perhaps, Paul Garrett was born for the cause of public relations. He was quick to act and soon realized the tremendous potential of this exercise in the cause of the betterment of the organization on all fronts. â€Å"By the end of 1931, Garnett reported, the company was receiving more than five thousand letters of appreciation a week. He distributed multiple anthologies of â€Å"typical excerpt† from these letters to a long list of

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