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Education Key to Success Essay Example for Free

Education Key to Success Essay In the 21st century technology should replace traditional teaching methods in order to stimulate student engagement. As social networking becomes more and more famous and teachers have to compete with something they Just dont have the right tools to fight them with the fight is Just unfair. With all the modern technology that todays students are surrounded with their attention spans have drastically decreased and with entertainment at the touch of a button away from them it becomes very hard to keep a class of 30 students entertained for an hour and as time passes by this will gradually get more and more orse. I am personally a very geeky technical person to me computers are like real life people who talk to you and guide you as long as you ask them right questions. I have started depending so much on computers that whenever I need help rather than asking my teacher I look it up on google because it is so much faster and easier to do but that information is not always true. I think the solution to this problem isnt to completely get rid of todays teaching methods or not allow students to use their technological devices at all I think the solution is a medium between these two paths o that the teachers have an easier time teaching and students find it more enjoyable to learn education materials. I think todays use of power points in lectures makes it so much more easier for teachers to make their lesson plans and for students to access them later on whenever they need it. But for a couple of years that is where its been stuck it power points get more and more fancier but they arent necessarily helping the students engage into the material that they are learning in class. I think school district should have a set amount of money put aside for labs and competitions where students can ruly discover their talents. I think science classes in high schools are kind of pointless where students never actually get to experience how it truly feels like to be a scientist that thrill of having succeeded in performing a lab right is Just a fantasy to them which rather than doing it themselves they watch others do in their science class on the projectors. Parent support is also necessary for these type of activities they are always worried about keeping their children safe and not exposing them to dangerous things but the truth of the situation is that the world is unpredictable and hat isnt necessarily good or bad but they also have to encourage students as well as teachers to be creative with their work. One of the rising problems the education system is facing today is the low standards set in math classes. Students have such a hard time in math today and rather than pushing themselves to try and work harder students take out the easy way and only fulfill the required math classes that they need to take some even avoid taking math classes if possible and pursue careers where they dont have to do any math at all I am not an expert but Just from personal experience I think math after pre-calculus ust becomes so abstract that I stopped seeing the real life applications of pre- used to love math when I was in elementary and middle school but that all changed once I took pre-calculus what once used to be my best friend was now my sworn enemy I would do anything to avoid doing math homework I understood the concepts that was never the problem but I always knew where it would end everyday me sitting in front of that same smart board everyday seeing the teacher solve problems and asking him every day where in real life I could apply it to use and the answer would always be the same Oh you need this for higher level hysics or Oh you use this in engineering I had grown so bored of these redundant answers that I completely shut myself down in my math class. I knew the math I was learning in class was to be appreciated it was Just ingenious but I never understood its purpose in MY life so I never bothered with it. And I am sure that I am not the only one my friends would complain about the amount of math homework they had to do each day and how much they regretted having taken a math class that year but I think it can all be changed if the students were Just given something more tangible to nderstand not some strange concepts that brilliant mathematicians had worked their lives on using proofs and theorems that I cant even begin to pronounce. Another problem in todays education system is the need for results everyone wants higher test scores no matter what and scientific research has proven that tests dont necessarily show if you understand the concept or not its Just how good of a test taker you are. This is causing a lot of psychological issues in todays students they are all awfully stressed out right before a major exam or test and that stress later on leads to medical conditions. I think we need to rethink our approach to tests they dont fulfill their purpose yet they are valued so much. I think I might have a simple solution for that problem rather than wasting money on standardized tests schools across the nations should have and end of the year project varying from subject to subject which would actually show how much of the material that they have actually learned and how much of it have they retained. Tests today are Just unfair to most of the kids they are not only timed they are State Standardized so whatever material that your teachers didnt go over is also put in the test it can result in loss of onfidence early on in the test totally ruining the students test scores. Last but not least the final problem I want to address in this essay is the motivation that the students lack which can either be the result of teaching material or teaching method either way resulting in a loss of years and years of education. Students all around the world already know what they want to become the second they leave high school they have been exposed to all the subjects enough but in U. S we barely scrape the top of the iceberg over 80% of college bound students go undecided into college t isnt necessarily bad but they waste years doing something that though they liked in high school but end up changing their major I think students can reach their potential faster if the standards in high school are increased every year or so. The more the students are exposed to different kinds of learning materials the easier it is for them to find what they truly like once they leave high school. it is used that might make it look that way but if technology were to combine with education the results would open up unbelievable opportunities for teachers and students.

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Siddhartha Essay -- Essays Papers

Siddhartha In the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, the main character experiences many ups and downs while on his journey to inner peace. First, he decides to live his life as a Samana. Later he abandons that life in return for a life as a rich man. In the end he decides that his rich life is unsatisfying and he begins the simple life of a ferryman. Herman Hesse writes about what it takes to obtain inner peace through his character Siddhartha. Siddhartha decides the way to obtain peace is by living like a Samana. Tomorrow at daybreak I will begin the life of the Samanas. (Pg 10) Siddhartha rids his life of all the things he doesn't need. Then he learns how to control his inner self, but is unable to gain inner peace. He meets a young girl named Kamala, and this mak...

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Is Police Brutality a Serious Problem in the US? Essay

Introduction In the article, â€Å"Police Brutality is Over-Sensationalizedâ€Å", Auerback made plenty of logical arguments about the issue of police brutality. But, the statistics he showed was from the city of Chicago. For example the Rodney King case was the first major case tried in court. The Rodney King case was about an African American being pulled over for no apparent reason. Eventually the officer was acquitted of all charges. Why do police officers just feel that they are above the law? Are they above the law? Despite Auerback showing many valid points throughout the article, his argument was very one sided or biased. Summary The article ‘’the article police brutality is Over-Sensationalized’’, (Auerback, 2010) is about police brutality not being as big of a problem as the media makes it out to be. According to Auerback (2010) he claims’’ police brutality is not as commonplace as Americans claim’’. The author uses many statistics but they are only from the city of Chicago. But throughout the entire article he continuously was saying that police are put in challenging positions. 1st major point In the paragraph â€Å"The Thin Lineâ€Å", the author spoke about how excessive force by a police officer was a big problem. Auerback explained that police officers deal with dangerous situations through their regular day. Also, he described cases such as the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles being some of the reason police brutality was widespread. He said that the statistics he used couldn’t explicate a significant reason. In the paragraph â€Å"The Evidence Suggests Otherwiseâ€Å", Auerback clarified statistics showing that  police brutality was not as bad as the media makes it out to be. For example, there was a study done by the Urbana – Champaign independent Media Center on police brutality. The results showed that in Illinois 2854 police officers had complaints about police brutality, but surprisingly only 7 percent of the officers were regulated. Later on in the paragraph Auerback argued that police officers have the right to use excessive force to a certain extent. Basically in this paragraph the author is arguing that there isn’t enough evidence to prove police brutality isn’t a big deal. The paragraph â€Å"having the Opposite Effectâ€Å", Auerback explained how the media portrays the police sometimes makes the job harder, and hurts he communities. Throughout the paragraph he showed that police brutality was a very huge charge. Also the author showed that not all police officers are bad guys as the media portrays them. 2nd Major Point There were many logical arguments and valid questions to ask during the article â€Å"Police Brutality is Over Sensationalizedâ€Å". One logical argument about the article would be why were there only a few arguments? If the author would have made the article a two-way debate about police brutality. The article would be drastically changed. Auerback did explain police brutality could be a problem but, he explained police are always in the right basically. Another question I had that wasn’t answered was are all police officers bad? There are valid examples that some police officers take their authority too far. Such as the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles made police brutality come to the light. But, because of some police officers making bad decisions and using excessive force, they give police a bad name. Lastly, another argument would be that a police officers` is very dangerous, but are they above the law? Most police officers are some of the nicest people you will meet. They put their lives on the line to serve and protect us citizens. However when you look at the statistics shown in the article they show cops get away a lot of crimes. Such as in the article the statistics done in Chicago. Throughout five years Chicago saw 1774 complains per year with only 5% of the officer having the complaints. But, in the identical survey done only 1 percent had enough evidence to start a case. That is very disturbing to hear. Why do the police officers get away with  such crimes? The reason is there is just not much evidence to prove the point. The three logical points made by the article would be the police was above the law, and why do they have so much power. 3rd Major Point Auerbacks` angle of vision was very demanded by his background which gives him ethos or credibility but also shows he could be biased. His background gives him a lot of credibility. For example he had seventeen years of experience in public policy and political science. He graduated from Boston College Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, also working as a federal contractor. With all being said his perspective is biased by him working with the government. The governments’ perspective is that the government is always right. Which Auerbacks’ angle of vision is basically police are always in the right no matter what. If the author would have shown both sides of the issue of police brutality the article would be more credible. Also, the statistics shown in the article was only from the city of Chicago. If Auerback showed statistics of the entire country instead of using just a metropolitan city then the article wouldn’t be so biased. Auerbacks` angle of vision discredited the article. The author made it seem like officers always has a reason to use excessive force. Conclusion In conclusion, the article â€Å"Police Brutality is Over Sensationalizedâ€Å", spoke about how police officers use excessive force and how it was a huge problem. The author tried to downplay the issue by using examples of cases where the police officers was in the right. But, in reality there are plenty of examples of police officers using excessive force for no reason at all. His argument throughout the article was that the media over-exposes the issue. Auerback used only a certain amount of logical arguments. Despite Auerback showing many valid points throughout the article, his argument was very one-sided or biased. Works Cited Auerback, Michael. â€Å"Police Brutality is Over Sensationalizedâ€Å". John D. Ramage, John C. Bean, June Johnson. â€Å"The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writingâ€Å" 7th Edition

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How to Easily Make Glow in the Dark Ice

Open up a bottle of tonic water, pour it into an ice cube tray, and stick it in the freezer. Tonic water glows vivid bright blue under a black light. The glow is activated by other sources of ultraviolet light, such as fluorescent lights or sunlight, though the glow wont appear as bright in part because the room wont be as dark. If you want to duplicate the effect in the photo, you need a black light somewhere in the room with the ice. Glowing Ice Flavor Tips Tonic water tastes vile, so heres a couple of tips for improving the flavor of the ice cubes. The first tip is to dilute the tonic water. If you mix the tonic water with normal water, your ice cubes will last longer (pure tonic water cubes melt fairly quickly) and wont taste as much like quinine (the ingredient responsible for the glow). Otherwise, you can cut it with lemonade or another sweet-sour drink that wont suffer from the bitter tang of the quinine. The second option is to put the ice into a drink where the flavor is desirable. The obvious choice would be to use the ice cubes in gin to make a gin and tonic. Non-alcoholic choices include fruit juice, Mountain Dewâ„ ¢, or Kool-Aidâ„ ¢. Dont worry about diminishing the glow from the ice. This photo is of tonic water ice and water. Types of Tonic Water The tonic water has to contain quinine. It doesnt make a difference whether you use diet or regular tonic water, be sure the label lists quinine. Some brands contain more flavoring than others, but I have had equally good luck with inexpensive store brands and premium brands. Another tip is to use clear plastic cups instead of glasses. Most plastic cups are brightly fluorescent under black light, so you get an added glow if you use them. You might want to take a mini-black light with you when you go shopping, to see what else will glow for you. You can make the ice into a glowing crystal ball to decorate punch bowls or look cool.